About Us

With premiere graphic design studios located in Highland, IN and Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Who we are?


etters, Lines and Designs has the ability to deliver high quality work to their customers. Our team of experienced artists allows you to receive a custom paint job that combines your unique flare with a captivating image or style that makes you stand out on the water and on the road. These designs can be simple, if desired, or they can be revolutionary and awe inspiring. The choice is yours.

At Letters, Lines and Designs we utilize the services of some of the best free hand artists in the industry. They are Jim Ross and Scott Montgerard. These professionals don’t use stock images and they do not utilize computer graphics programming. This allows each design they do to be truly one of a kind and make certain you have a unique design on your vehicle that meets your expectations. We take full pride in the services we deliver and our goal is to make sure your vision comes to life through the custom painting work we do.

While we may not have the latest technology to get the job done, we fully make up for it through experience. Jim Ross, for example, has been working on pinstriping and lettering since he was 21. He also has always had a passion for custom cars and these two things combine perfectly, allowing him to do incredible work on your vehicle.

Since the 1970s, Jim has been interacting and working with Scott Montgerard, who has been creating customized work for vehicles since he was 19. Together, they created a dynamic partnership that has helped them become one of the most respected partnerships in the industry.

When you explore the unique designs we have done in the past, one thing will truly stand out. It’s the fact we put a great deal of quality into each piece of work and are meticulous with every last detail. This ensures you get the quality you are looking for. If you are in the market to transform your vehicle, take a moment to contact us today. When you demand pure artistic talent that shines on your vehicle, you need to look no further than Letters, Lines and Designs.